KidsTek at Aurora:
North and South Middle Schools

New: Download the Windows applications we are using in our class:
Full Suite (Apps and Game Programming) (308MB
Apps Only (128MB)
Game Programming Only (128MB)
Plus: Updated Driver & Software for the Dynex Webcams

Mac Users: Here are the same or equivalent programs for you to download and use!
Abiword (Word Processor) | Audacity (Song/Sound Editor) | NMP3 Ripper (CD Ripper) | GIMP (Graphics Editor) | Miro (Video Player & Downloader) | Scratch (Program - Stories & Games) | Google Sketchup (Create 3-D Buildings) | Google Earth (View Virtual Globe) | Firefox (Web Browser) | Q Emulator (Run Windows Programs) | NeoOffice (Free Office Suite) | Seashore (Image Editor) | InkScape (Vector Graphics Editor) | Ardour (Virtual Mixing Board)

Robotics (session 3)!

While North Middle School is learning PowerPoint, South is working hard to program robots using the LEGO Mindstorms robotics kits.  If you are interested in robots and robotics, check out the following websites and games...

Robot Obstacle Course (online game - click on the link)
LEGO Mindstorms Tutorials (learn to use LEGO Mindstorms)
Robot Contructor Kit (online game - program your robot to collect golden cubes)
Robotics: Sensing * Thinking * Acting (website - about robots and ROVs from the Tech Museum in San Jose)
Robby (download - program a robot to escape a maze)
Robowar (download - program and fight your own robots)
Robot Cafe (website - games, simulations, and more about robots)

Student Conduct!

During Session 1 we lost two students from KidsTek due to unacceptable behavior.  Remember, while this is after school you are still on campus and are held to the same rules as in school.  That means you must be polite to your peers and to the adults, you must not push or touch other students, and there is no food allowed in the building other than in the cafeteria.

Also, everything you do on the computers must be acceptable to anybody who might see it -- parents, guardians, me, and even the school principal.  If it's not something that you can show to your grandmother, then it's not OK.  In particular, using bad language on the computer or in your e-mail and threatening other students or adults will lead to consequences, including being kicked out of the program.

We want KidsTek to be a fun, safe place for students to try new projects that they can share with their families and with others.  Please help keep it this way.

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